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Guhring To Give UK Show Premiere To New Products at MACH

posted 28th February 2018 by Lisa Bigge

At the Birmingham NEC from the 9th to 13th April, Guhring will present three new turning systems. The new 104 and 106 Series for grooving, boring, broaching and threading and the 305 system, a three-fold interchangeable indexable insert for external and internal machining will all be shown at MACH. In the case of the 104 and 106 systems, customers will see new insert additions with a range of new diameters, radii and lengths. With regard to the 305 Series, MACH will see the arrival of an entirely new indexable insert with sintered rake geometry, an increased range of inserts and new clamping holders for sliding heads as well as modular systems.

From a milling perspective, Guhring will be keen to demonstrate its new Ratio® line of roughing end mills.  With flat crested geometry and an optimised roughing profile that demonstrates 60% longer service life, the new Ratio® high-performance roughing cutter has several geometry adjustments aimed at providing performance far beyond competitor products. The Ratio® drastically increases material removal rates with its asymmetrical cutting flutes that reduce cutting pressure compared to smooth cutters. This soft cutting action allows the Ratio® to perform exceptionally well on low powered machine tools or machines with unstable fixturing. Large flutes ensure optimum chip removal and high process reliability.

Alongside the Ratio® will be the extremely popular RF100 Diver series of end mills that has also been enhanced. The enhanced version at MACH will introduce optimised internal cooling channels and a program expansion for ramp drilling, grooving, rough finishing and finish milling. The RF 100 Diver has been designed for customers with constantly changing requirements. This means it is suitable for five operations with just one tool. One of the several updates is the new optimised bore cooling for drilling operations on axial cooling channels and in the case of milling applications, radial cooling channels.

The front and peripheral geometry has been updated through FEM optimisation that will enhance lubrication and chip removal efficiency.  This delivers 40% longer tool life on sticky materials and stainless and heat resistant materials. Furthermore, the enhanced RF100 Diver series is ideal for process-safe drilling, ramping and HPC milling.

MACH 2018 will see the arrival of the new PIONEX, the next generation of taps. This high performance tapping line incorporates a new polygon shape that generates 30% less torque that coincides with a geometric change of the taps. The PIONEX thread-formers are based on a newly developed powder-metallurgical cutting tool material that demonstrates a higher wear resistance than previously reached. Complementing the design PIONEX has a special surface treatment with a TiCN coating for longer tool life. Additionally, this new line has significantly improved lubrication grooves that further contribute to extending tool life and surface quality.

Industry 4.0 will also be a focal point for Guhring at MACH 2018 with the German innovator introducing enhancements to its software-based tool management system. Conventional production is undergoing profound change as Industry 4.0 shapes the communication and Information Technology platforms in industrial production.  Guhring provides its customers with the necessary data for a transparent machining process with its Tool Management Software that is an integral part of the process. The newly programmed GTMS tool software system has been re-developed with a user-friendly design.

As well as a new web interface, the new system offers a number of new features for the user to guarantee delivery of the right product at the right time, in the right place and displayed in real-time as a transparent digital tool circuit. The GTMS system is available with the TM 326, TM 426 and TM 526 variants that all aim to deliver cost-effective tooling and make visible savings for the end user.

The Guhring Tool Management software enables a permanent consumption control, reporting on all motion data of tools and the respective costs with complete transparency. Through the GTMS, order proposals can be automatically triggered to the supplier; consumption can be continually monitored and managed by the individual machine, department or employee. For further information on these new arrivals, contact Guhring or come and visit us at MACH 2018 on Stand 540 in Hall 18.

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