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Guhring Publishes New Threading Catalogue

posted 21st May 2019 by Lisa Bigge

The new generation of Pionex machine taps now appear in a new 20 page catalogue that is available to download from www.guhring.co.uk Discussing the new generation of taps, Guhring UK’s Sales Manager, Mr Dave Hudson says: “We have Power taps, the SL tap range plus a complete tapping catalogue, which can sometimes make it difficult for the engineer to determine the most suitable variant for specific applications. Over a period of time, we have developed a threading range with various geometries, optimised them and put them into a range that covers over 85% of the industry applications. This is all now in the new Pionex threading catalogue.”

The new Pionex Series includes 45 degree helix geometry with a reduced rake angle, back tapering and improved relief; all this culminates to provide unprecedented performance and swarf removal. With a h6 shank tolerance for use in all types of clamping chucks and the Forming tap that has a new lubricating groove to improve thread formation, the next generation Pionex is an impressive threading prospect for any machine shop.

As Mr Hudson continues: “We developed a new profile of fluteless taps together with enhanced geometries, coatings and surface finishes and this has resulted in much longer tool life and massively reduced cutting forces. The new extension to the range is the cut tap with a range of spiral point and spiral flute, which helps the end user with regard to swarf control.”

“The biggest issue with tapping is always swarf control and more taps break through poor swarf control than for any other reasons. This is particularly the case in retraction when the tap is in reverse. The biggest challenge is always to make the swarf fall away from the tap rather than get wrapped around it and we’ve certainly achieved that with the new Pionex.”

The Pionex range is manufactured from HSS-E or PM30 with Guhring’s new aluminium nitride or zirconium coating technology. “The diverse capabilities of the Pionex range through its innovative swarf controlling geometry means that this new Pionex range can be applied effectively to 85% of targeted applications that range from standard low carbon steels to the tougher steels and stainless steels. For exotic materials, we have a very diverse range that caters for all types of heat resistant alloys.”

The new Pionex is available with metric threads in course or fine pitch as well as UNC, UNF, BSP in all diameter and pitch variants with a complete line of special thread designations also available upon request.

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Guhring Dives Into Micro Milling

posted 02nd February 2021 by Lisa Bigge

The Guhring Diver Series of end mills has been an unparalleled success since its market introduction, and now Guhring is extending the multitude of benefits of this industry leading series to the micro machining sector. Recognised as the ‘smallest diver in the world’, the new RF100 Micro Diver end mills have been introduced for high-performance machining of small components.

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Guhring – Always on-hand to support industry

posted 02nd February 2021 by Lisa Bigge

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that in a worldwide marketplace, supply chains are both critical to the industry but also more fragile than we would like to believe. The pandemic has certainly hit supply chains which has an immediate impact on the day-to-day running of your business. Now, with the Brexit transition period ending and potentially further disruption, the resilience of your supply chain is being tested like never before. Unless you buy your cutting tools from a UK manufacturing company like Guhring UK.

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